Thursday, November 13, 2014

Winter's Arrival .

It's been a long time since I've sat down just to write. It's hard to find the time to do much of anything along those lines when I'm in school. As of today, I have about three weeks left of the first term of the year. The time has flown, really. Three weeks sounds so short... yet in reality that's a little less than a third of a term. I suppose it's longer than it sounds. The weather for today (yes, I'm really talking about weather...) is freezing rain, wintry mix, some snow... pretty crazy. But even though winter officially starts in December, I think that it usually just starts a little earlier in the PNW. That's definitely the case in the mountains, anyway. It can be depressing at times, and sometimes it's sort of weird because it makes you feel a little lonely in a weird sort of way, as if the weather robs you of your company. But at the same time it can be quite beautiful.

The schoolwork has picked up to the degree that I doubt I'll be able to do much in the upcoming weeks for fun. I have been keeping up with my workouts at the gym, but that's probably only because I put that as a priority above pretty much everything else. I'm itching to get outdoors more, even with the weather... I miss all the hiking I was able to do in the North Cascades during the summer. It makes me yearn even more for the crisp, fresh air and the feeling of escape, not to mention the wonder and elation you have being outside completely on your own. At times it's even unnerving... but as they say, it's good to be outside your comfort zone once in awhile. Just don't get lost out there.. haha.

On the subject of this blog, I know I have neglected it for far too long. Life gets in the way sometimes I guess. Maybe I just don't have the same motivation I did years ago. Or that I have convinced myself I don't have the time. In any event, I'm going to accept that I probably won't post too much until grad school is done in June. I think my email is on here somewhere, if you're interested in getting in touch. I also write a newsletter that I mail out every three months, so people can see what I'm up to. If you're interested in getting that, let me know!! Hope life is treating everyone well; until next time, whenever that may be.
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