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Here you can find the posts of mine that have gained the most views -- and which I assume are the most interesting to people. I'm going to put the top 10 here for your viewing pleasure, and if you care to delve in more to other things that I write, feel free -- but this should give you a pretty good idea of the topics I write about and the style in which I write. Before the links, I'll provide a little blurb about what the post is about -- hopefully this will give you enough to decide whether or not you really want to read it or not. Enjoy my friends!

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1. LSD
"LSD" reflects on an article that I read regarding a man who took LCD in incremental doses and then proceeded to draw the same picture over and over. With each new picture, you can see a completely wild change from the previous drawing.

2. minimalism
"minimalism" is all about the style of architecture known as minimalism. It describes what it is, and it delves into the reasons behind its beauty. At first it questions the stark contrasts and blank walls, but then affirms its dominant place in the architectural community.

3. a newspring agenda
"a newspring agenda" is a post about the rapidly spreading NewSpring Church. It is a new sort of place of worship out there that falls under the category of "megachurch," with several different campuses and a rapidly growing following. The post addresses some of the concerns and controversies that has followed the rising not only this specific church, but type of church. It has been deemed extremely closed-minded and ignorant by multiple readers, but I think there are some valid points to be found among raging stupidity. Have a read and make your own call.

4. wisdom teeth
"wisdom teeth" talks about my experience getting my wisdom teeth taken out. It describes the feeling afterwards, and ponders over the meaning of calling those particular teeth 'wisdom teeth.'

5. the difference between boys and girls
"the difference between boys and girls" is a comedic piece from the standpoint of a male that compares and contrasts the rituals of both the male and female in various scenarios. Written purely for humourous purposes, it should give almost anyone a bit of a chuckle.

6. the wicklow way
"the wicklow way" is all about the 7-8 day hiking trail that runs through the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland. It compares the Wicklow Way with the Appalachian Trail, and explores the desire to eventually hike either one or both.

7. chemistry
"chemistry" talks about the dating-related use of chemistry, and how amazing it is that it can sometimes be so easy to just click with somebody. It ends by talking about the final plunge that you take to either pursue a relationship or not.

8. speedos
"speedos" poses the question to women how they feel about speedos on men. It goes on to explain why I like wearing them so much, and how comfortable they are. Acknowledging that many ridicule those who wear them, I say that I don't care, and will continue to wear them.

9. california v. new york
"california v. new york" is about the differences in western versus eastern thinking. These are different cultures that often clash and accuse one another of being the poorer ideology. Inspired from Steve Jobs' biography, the post continues on to examine other regional cultures and ideologies.

10. wtf girls
"wtf girls" was inspired by Belle of the Boulevard by Dashboard Confessional. It talks about how people can lead each other on and how that can end up ruining friendships and creating a great amount of hurt.
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