Tuesday, May 1, 2012


So I recently came upon this slideshow of pictures an artist did while given a dose of LSD. You can check it out here. Seriously; go and read it because it's absolutely wild. Admittedly I don't have any experience with drugs of any kind (all the moms out there can breath a deep sigh of relief now) but it's certainly been there if I wanted to. Welcome to life as a kid growing up in today's world; things are extremely accessible if you only know where to look. To me, LSD was only ever the drug that inspired the Beatles song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds... Or something that induced a feeling that very much made you see things like this:
go ahead... stare at this for a good minute... it'll make you right dizzy...

And so, the drawings that arise from this artist are complimented by some pretty entertaining commentary and and some seriously wild drawings. This is my personal favorite:
I mean, if the guy is drawing what he's seeing... is this seriously what he's seeing? Blows my mind. I can almost, almost, almost see the incentive to try LSD now. What dangerous thoughts...

Of course, though, with wild experiences comes heavy risk, and that's what drugs are in general -- a risk, to yourself, to others, to your health. And so it's better not to play with fire when you're covered in gasoline (odd metaphor, but it works).

Being that I'm somewhat of an artistic fellow, I can appreciate the fine strokes that people can put on a canvas in front of them... but sometimes, the best stuff that arises are the things that are unexpected, and completely accidental. While the drugging of this man was intentional, to see what would happen, the results are a complete and total deviation from the norm. Can you imagine seeing life like this all the time?! My goodness.

On a completely different note, read an article today about a man who got mugged and then ended up being able to do spectacular mathematical drawings because of the brain damage in his head. Apparently the mathematical and mental imagery parts of his brain attempted to make up the slack for the damaged parts. His drawings remind me of something my sister had as a kid called a Spirograph I believe... and his art is equally as impressive as drug-induced artwork dude. So check that out if you like, and read the full story.

Art is so cool. The opportunities are endless, and things can be at complete opposite ends of the spectrum -- and yet still be just as appealing to the eye. Incredible.


  1. This may seem like an odd analogy but just work with me here. You mention how the effects of the drug altered the prism through which the man sees the world in such a way that a beautiful painting ensued. It reminds of something I learned during my studies in psychology as an undergrad. Patients diagnosed with schizophrenia can often create some of the most beautiful art known to man due to the altererd way in which they see the world. It's actually quite interesting - I highly recommend reading about it sometime!

    1. that does sound interesting! I'll have to check it out!


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