Monday, May 21, 2012

oslo, norge

I use the MapLoco widget to keep track of the places where views come in. Lately, they've been all over the world! Today I happened to go check where people were viewing from and the one at the top was from Oslo, Norway (or Norge in Norwegian). It brought all the memories of being there back, and I couldn't help but stop and just reminisce. I unfortunately only had a little tiny bit of time there, but I would love to go back, so badly. Being there in winter, I loved the cold. It was just all around, always seeing your breath in the air, the frigidness just wrapping around you as soon as you walk out the door. It was relentless; awesome. I've seen some videos of base jumping in Norway, and given that Oslo is pretty far south as far as the country is concerned, I'd love to go and visit the north -- where the mountains come into play, where the northern lights shine, and just more of everything. For those of you who live there, consider yourselves lucky to have such a beautiful country (albeit having Monopoly money... haha). Figured I'd just take a moment to visualize for you guys the time I had there. Enjoy. (Read more for pictures and captions)

the famous opera house designed by Snøhetta

it was wet, cold, and rainy, but hell, it was Norway! that's enough to warrant a smile

inside the opera house. believe it or not those are the bathrooms behind that..

this caught my eye... beautiful architecture and fenestration

the "buddy" -- such a small car! but electric -- which is quite popular it seems

the lobby of Snøhetta's Oslo office -- that's Frank Nodland sitting down to talk with us

a new ritzy part of town, I think -- again, beautiful -- and adorned with holiday lights!

had to go in the mall -- it was unreal!!

back to the opera house for the Nutcracker showing


a school for the youngin's -- it's mid to late morning in this pic

the Holmenkollen ski jump -- a work of art, functional and beautiful -- love how it's lost in the fog

the city and the fjord, from up on the mountain

those places must be pricey to have the view that they do -- again, fenestration is gorgeous

Oslo concert hall (Konserthus)

and this odd looking thing in front of the entrance

i believe this is sorta the equivalent of the White House...

decided we'd walk back to our hostel, a few kilometers outside downtown. it was worth it!

notice the tram tracks -- great way to get around!

even the airport was awesome -- and this is one of the less cool parts

heading back to Barcelona in the morning


  1. Nice pictures.

    Two things:

    like the trench/jacket/coat.

    also, that tiny electric car looks very square and very scary. Like a smart car but worse.

    1. Well thanks! Got the jacket randomly from some semi sketch Korean ebay person... love it though, warm and stylin.

      I know right? Such an ugly car. Haha.

  2. So.... I have to admit Norway was never on my bucket list....well it is now! Awesome shots. Brilliant!

    1. Oh it is an absolutely beautiful, gorgeous country!! If you're looking for a travel buddy to go, let me know!

  3. Dear you. Bergen is the best city in Norway.

    That is all.

    1. Haha I knew you'd comment on this. I'm assuming Bergen is where you're from? If I visit, can I crash at your place?


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