Saturday, May 19, 2012

are you obsessed with getting more blog traffic ?

Since one of my jobs is that of doing social media and marketing for an author, I have recently spent a lot of time trying figure out how to bring more traffic to his blog. Now, I've never really worried too much about how much traffic my own personal blog gets, (although don't get me wrong, I think we can all agree that if you see that out of the blue your blog gets a few hundred views in a day, we might very well do a backflip) but in this case it's sort of my job to be able to get his stuff out there and get it some more traffic.

But here's my question to everyone out there who is looking for more blog traffic or desperately wishing that more people would read what they have to say. It's something that everyone wants and that's why there are tons of other blog posts out there by reputable writers and bloggers that tell you how to do it! Also, you hear a lot from those who have many followers and tons of traffic "Just keep doing what you're doing, eventually the readers will come." But when someone gets in this thought cycle, I think they need to go and revisit the reason why they started a blog in the first place.

The same philosophy applies to Youtube. People see successful people out there on Youtube and say, "Gosh I'd love to achieve that sort of social status." And yet, they didn't get there by spamming their link or pestering people through comments -- they got there because they post good content and interact with people. If you put up good stuff, people will eventually find it.

There is a point, it seems, where you cross over from an underground sort of Youtuber or blogger and become someone known. Despite all of the social media platforms of the day, word of mouth spreads incredibly quickly. Once people start talking, you start getting traffic.

A Youtuber that I follow once posted a blog post on their tumblr explaining their frustrations with viewers who feel like they're entitled to something and that the vlogger should post content that their viewers want. They argued that they got to where they are by posting what they wanted to, and that they would continue to do that. At first, it put me off. But then I realized, should I ever get to the point where my blog gets thousands of views in a day, I'm going to still want to post content that I want to post. I'm not going to start writing about political topics or technology topics or anything like those professional-style blogs that are out there just because I have more viewers. I like the idea of interaction with people, and sometimes I'm sure I would be happy to present some content or my thoughts that was requested by viewers or readers. But in the end, if I don't want to do it, I don't want to do it.

I think we would all love to have a blog that gets tons of traffic; it's a confidence and self-esteem boost that people who read what you write enjoy it and want to hear more. It's even more of a boost to get comments because you feel like it's a whole big friendly community and that people not only care enough to read, but to chat with you about it or comment on it. But it's important to remember where you came from (if and when we get to that point) because what you have is something special. A blog is something you can revisit, see how you've changed, heck, show your kids and friends that you have another side that is very introspective and thoughtful. It's yours, and should always be yours alone. You just can't please everybody.

In the same way that a new celebrity might self-destruct with the attention, we need to make sure that our blogs don't go up in flames just because that views chart is displaying a peak this month. Stay true to who you are. And remember that the views will come as long as you are passionate about what you write. In Field of Dreams there was a magical voice that said "If you build it, they will come." Well, with that principle applied, if you write it, they will come. Have a good Saturday everyone.


  1. I'm certainly not a qualified expert here given the sparse traffic my blog gets (not even 100 hits a day, mostly), but the three basic ways I've seen popular, non-spammy blogs make it are, a) good content, b) the blogger comments on other like-minded blogs thus causing interest by other readers, and c)the inadvertent inclusion of some key word or words that coincidentally generate a lot of Google searches to land on the blog. While those sudden spikes in traffic seem exciting, when you realize they aren't likely to result in return readers, the excitement wears off.

    Since I'm not selling anything and my content is not stuff they'll be covering on TMZ, I'm not likely to ever generate a lot more traffic than I have, and I'm good with that.

    For your author, maybe you could slip in the occasional Snookie or Kardashian into the tags and watch the numbers add up!

    1. All great points Dave. Thanks for your thoughts -- I know I could slip in the popular search keywords, but never have for fear of angering people who unknowingly click on the link. I've realized that it's not about the quantity of views but the quality of viewers... if they don't return, comment, follow, etc., if they come once and are turned off by the fact that the content isn't what they thought it was.... they won't be a regular reader

  2. I just blog and hope I get awesome readers that can feed off of each other. I started as a way to vent about a bad breakup, and have met some AMAZING people ;). Who wouldn't want to drive more traffic? ME!!! But I need to do it on all due good time. I'll keep being my autentic self, and the rest will follow. It's fun and right now, it's filling my single time up.

    It was never my "dream" to be this awesome writer, but it is my dream to just be ME.


    1. Love that: it is my dream to just be me. That's a hell of a dream Stacia. Good for you!

  3. I'm a new blogger. It is nice to read an article reminding newbies, such as myself, to just relax.. enjoy the journey.. most of all, do it for the art of writing!
    Thank you!


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