Monday, May 14, 2012

attempting a revamp .

In recent days I've set my sights on some revamps to my blog. For the longest time I have only had just one page with the post pages -- but I think I'm going to add some other pages; like a popular posts page (which I've already started on and will update as needed), an about me, maybe some ways to find me or get in contact with me... I've also always had tons of widgets in the sidebar and I aim to get rid of some of them because I think after awhile people either don't pay attention to those or are distracted by them. Basically, I'd like to better my blog for the viewer.

In doing some work my one of my bosses (I work two jobs) I have been doing a lot of research on how to help his blog (which I created and set up and everything) to get more hits. He doesn't write too often, which is one of the major problems, but I think there are also tons of other things that can be done. There are a multitude of sites out there that talk about SEO, blog traffic, keywords, hits, etc. For my boss, yeah, I'll try to incorporate a good number of those things. But to be honest, I'm not too terribly concerned about views -- I'm proud to have the 30 or so readers taking times out of their days just to read what I write; that's flattering. I'm sure there are ways I could "get more views." But in my eyes, that's not really what this is out, despite the fact that everyone wants their voice to be heard. I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't need a stadium full of people to preach to. Regardless, I would like to make the experience special for those 30 or so regular readers I have. Because I value you guys.

And so that's that. Changes will be implemented over the next month or so, as I get time (and motivation) to actually do them. If you have any suggestions -- I'd love to hear them.

On one final note -- did anyone else already know there is a search engine just for blogs on Google, or have I been living under a rock!? This blew my mind, because I was always a bit frustrated that Blogger didn't really have a search function to find specific types of blogs about certain topics; you could only search for things within whatever blog you were on. So I'm excited to get rolling with that! Good shit.


  1. I think an about me page would be great, it's always nice to know a little more about the person "behind" the blog. :) I found that some of the 'blogs you should check out' are a bit interesting too! You have REALLY nice content, I'm just not a good commenter though. :/

    It seems as if SEO has gotten a bit more difficult these past couple of months with due to Google's search engine algorithms. So difficult that many web-content developers, well freelance developers are finding that work is extremely hard to come by now because A LOT of content mills have closed. They've really cracked down on off-page SEO too!

    1. So true about SEO. There is a world of information out there but it seems a bit above my head. Thanks for compliment about the content! Never gets old to hear that.

  2. Go for it, friend! Nothing feels better than a revamp, a rejig, a new look! I hope to see it real soon ;-)


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