Monday, May 14, 2012

Music Monday #68

This week's song is Another Night by Cara Salimando.

Cara is a pretty fresh face on the national and international music scene, at 20 years young. She is actually close friends with one of the kids I went to high school with, and I'm not sure how close she went to school to my town, but I know she's originally from NJ, and has since moved to Manhattan. She's responded to some tweets I sent to her, and from what I can tell isn't too hard to get in touch with, which is pretty cool for musical artists you admire.

One thing I love is that her voice is a bit lower than a lot of the female singers out there; and it has this real rich quality to it. I by no means have the professional ability to tell a super good voice from a bad, (with the exception that I know mine is nowhere near perfect) but I really like the stuff she's putting out and envy her seemingly effortless ability to play the piano. I will be supporting her as much as I can by actually buying the stuff on iTunes! Would love to see her play a show at some point. Enjoy!

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