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At the request of a few, and well, because every other blogger has this page, I decided to put in the few places where I hide on the Interwebs. Nowww, quick disclaimer: I don't have a Facebook. I gave it up after my Freshman year of college because it was too distracting and I wasted way too much time on there. BUT -- if you truly are a Facebook Addict, you can "like" me, as someone made a silly fanpage (I photoshopped the pic myself because I live on the Shore...). You'll see what I mean if you click on it...

Feel free to email me with questions, concerns, requests to guest post, or just to say hello. All emails welcome, and I'll respond as soon as possible.

Facebook Like Page:
I stand by my decision to not have a Facebook as I find it to be a giant waste of time, not to mention digitally stalking people is probably not the best thing to have at the top of your "Hobbies" list. Thus and therefore, you can't friend request me. Because I don't exist. And some may even argue that therefore, since I do not exist on the 'book, that I cease to exist in real life. I will put that rumour to rest right now, dear friends, and say that I do, in fact exist. If you're a lover of the 'book though, a buddy of mine made a Fan Page for me. So that's listed below. Click the pic, brah.

 Twitter Page:
Twitter is basically my substitute for not having a Facebook. I usually try to make my tweets witty. They are often rude, snarky, and full of douchebaggery, but I'd like to think that my thoughts in 140 characters are pretty well worth it. I also post there every time I've put up a new post.

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