Thursday, May 31, 2012

things that were great about childhood .

Ahhhh yes. Lists are such a savior when you have no idea what to write about. Thus and therefore, since I was thinking today about how I am growing older and suddenly those days I spent writing with chalk on the driveway seem so long ago, I figured I'd reminisce a bit more and think about all of the cool things we got to do as kids.

If you've got stories or pictures to share, or what have you, by all means feel free. And on the note of sharing... I should be updating this blog with a new page tomorrow, that will have the various corners of the Internet where you can find me lurking living. For now, enjoy.

- You never have to do dishes. Ever.
- Cutting the lawn means riding on your pap's lap for an hour, not getting blasted with grass clippings and starting fights with the bushes.
- You are always being chauffeured. You never have to be the chauffeur.
- Crying, screaming, and yelling often get you what you want if people really want you to shut it.
- Your "busy" days consist of sidewalk chalk, toys, and TV.
- You can tell anyone what you're really thinking. It'll either be cute, or they won't believe you.
- People get excited when you do simple things. It doesn't take much to impress.
- When you say "please" and "thank you" adults think you're oh so sophisticated.
- Tests consist of spelling words correctly and deciding whether to use there, their, or they're.
- Your lunch is always made for you. None of that deciding what to make and doing it yourself nonsense.
- No need to worry about paying for anything. It's all taken care of. You don't even have an allowance.

Ahhh this should probably be longer but it's 1:30 and I'm beat. Time to hit the sack!


  1. : ) How strange...only just this morning, after wishing my dad happy b'day I thought of my next blog... Sharing some of my most exciting adventures... : ) It's there, sitting in my head...waiting to be written - as soon as back from my current travel!

  2. You never had to do the dishes? Lucky duck.

    I think the best thing was having no job other than to enjoy life.

  3. Being a kid was great, definitely miss it at times

    My biggest addition to this list was the fact that I didn't care what the heck other people thought about me

    1. That's definitely a big one! Great addition. It just didn't matter! Though I think that as we age, eventually that returns, the not caring what other people think. Though the earlier we learn it, the better!


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