Saturday, June 2, 2012

musical musings .

it's time for me to go get outta this place
it's time for me to get out while i'm tryin' to save face
it's not the weather or the sun or the moon
it's just i'm tired, fuckin' sick of this dismal and dead mood

you gotta realize time has now belied the cornerstone of life and we lied but never died man
for every photo we took since we were two
has found its way into the history books between me and you

despite the fact that i'm rollin' my eyes, hopin' you realized
the things that you gave up in time
feels like the memory was only mine

back when it was all just fine
and i promise you,
i tried, always did, always do,
until the day i die, until the day i die

am i headin' to the west? is that where i'll fit best
cannot say for sure, what's knockin' at my door
and in, perfect time
i'll add another rhyme
to a beat i call my own
just one more stepping stone

but now i think it's time to move on
'cause i am sick of this song and the memories it prolong
while i am gone i'll let the world just move on
and keep on keepin' on, as they did before the dawn

because it's what you always did best
you never needed the rest
i just provided a test that you failed under duress
with just the little of pressure it took, it just unraveled and look
it's like something out of a book

and i am not a rapper who spoke
but in reality i'm just a guy who struggles with dope
and i ain't talkin' bout the fuckin' methamphetamine cake
nor am i talking bout the shit you fuckin' smoke, wake and bake
brotha listen, can't you hear me? straight up because i'm tellin' you
pouring out my motherfuckin' soul i swear it's easy to
thinking 'bout the line that took my soul and folded it in two
and pointed me in one direction

Okay, I got inspired and had a pretty fresh beat in my head tonight, and while I don't normally write down with the intent of something being a rap, that's what happened tonight. This isn't done, but I'm gonna finish the words tomorrow and record it. I know, I know, I know exactly what you're thinking: "He always says he's gonna record something and THEN NEVER DOES. LIAR."

If this is you, your frustration is warranted. I'm a lazy bum (not really, I work two jobs...) -- well, perhaps musically. Be patient, I'm excited about this one so it will not really go quickly and most definitely won't be finished soon. I know I owe you guys another post, but I'm just gonna be ahead and be content with being one day behind for the time being.

**JUNE: Note that there is NO JUMP BREAK in this post! You ought to be so proud of me.

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