Friday, June 8, 2012

words and shit .

I watched a video today on Youtube that hit everything about words and what they're used for spot-on. Dcigs is one of those entertaining Youtubers that has no filter, that is entertaining, funny and more. Generally his stuff includes rants (sometimes publicly) and other silly things like goofy music videos. However, this time he addresses why people get so upset over words. Watch this video first:

Favorite quote from this video?

"If you take offense to what people tell you, that's classifying you as a bitch."

Why have words been classified as 'wrongful' to say? Why have certain words been deemed as being used in bad taste? Why are we taught that it's okay to say some things, and not others? Is it because it will cause offense? Is it because we want to be liked? Is it because we think people will look down upon us if we say those words?

Dcigs brings up a good point about why people are against them. Is it the arrangement of letters? Is it the number of letters? Is it the emphasis that people give to it? What's the difference between using "dang" and "shit." They both qualify as expletives, right?

I understand that society has taboos against certain words. I grew up in an area where using the "forbidden words" started early. I use lots of them on a regular basis, and have no problem admitting that I swear like a sailor. But why is it so bad?! They're just words!

I remember when I first moved down South for school, and literally got weird looks from people and even was told by some that the fact that I cursed so much bothered them. That blew me away, as there are many more people out there that cuss way more than I do.

The way I see it; you want to express yourself? Go for it. To people who think comedians aren't as funny because they have dirty mouths, well that just doesn't make any sense. They are funny because they exaggerate on situations, and those words exaggerate and express more!

We somehow have made up these 'rules' about what we can and can't say. Why? If someone can answer that question with validity, mad props. But I sure as hell can't. There seriously doesn't seem to be a reason, especially when some of them are so damn versatile!

Let me make a note that it depends on how you use it. If you're callin' someone the n-word, are you doing it to be hurtful and racist? Then don't. But if you're equating it with homeboy, bro, etc., why not? Just my two cents. Though that one word is a touchy one, and well, I am not black so it's hard to comment on it without being offensive, because I don't have to go through that. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

End of story, I don't see the problem with using words that exist. Simple as that. If you're offended by them, fine. But there doesn't seem to be any reason to be. They all mean the same thing, whether you say dang, damn, shoot, shit, fuck etc.


  1. Now now, there's a time and place... when the swear words are most appropriate... however strange though, swearing in English is just soooo much more fun then in my mother tongue (I don't know why). : )

    1. English isn't your first language? ooooOoOoOh where are you from?


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