Saturday, June 30, 2012

when opportunity knocks .

I used to be a part of a sort of church rock band called Spirit Alive while I was in high school. We would play for masses every month or so and were made up of the music minister and mostly teenagers. I stopped after I graduated high school, but this past month was asked to fill in because the normal drummer couldn't make it and they knew I would be able to pick up the music quickly. One of the guitar players there (a VERY talented guy named Chris) happened to be playing with a group for the annual Colts Neck Fair, and my mom went to see him, since she sort of runs Spirit Alive now.

As it turns out, he was sort of looking for some people to start a band. Though he wanted to sort of work with some older people who were a bit more experienced as opposed to people his age. Now, when I say this kid's talented, I mean like he could easily be a professional musician... he's incredibly good. His father was impressed when he came to Spirit Alive one day and heard me play... and so I decided to send them an email and say, Hey, I'm totally interested in playing, if you want me to come audition or whatever.

So we'll see what happens. Point is, When opportunity knocks you gotta answer. I've thought about getting involved in a group for the summer and just seeing where it goes, and I think that this could end up being a lot of fun and we could make some great music. So, as I get updates, I'll pass them along to my blogging family. Hope you all are having a a great weekend!


  1. I hope you the best! Such exciting news :)

  2. Wow... and then I'll get to hear 'my' song... : )x


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