Friday, June 22, 2012

attn: cyclists .

When they first get started, people see cycling as maybe a mild hobby, or just something that keeps you sorta kinda in shape. What you eventually realize is that there is a huge community of cyclists out there and that they all are ADDICTED to it. I am one of these people -- and here are some suggestions / guidelines / advice from it all, should you get to that point.

1. Shave your legs. I don't care if your gf/bf, wife, husband, friends, family think it's weird, do it. It will save your ass when you eat it and you lost all layers of skin all over your legs. Scabs + hair SUCKS. It also makes your legs look awesome when the muscles are popping out.
2. Equally as important, I would say buzz the top half of your legs. Nobody likes hair shorts.
3. Wear a helmet. And make sure it's one that reduces wind noise. Because it will get annoying -- I would know.
4. Invest in quality kits. For those of you who don't know what a kit is, that's biking lingo for spandex. Quality kits will save your family jewels, your bum, and just about everything else. It'll also help reduce sweat, be more comfortable, etc etc. I bought one that was $50 for the full kit, and it sucks.
5. Bib shorts are WAY better. They are more comfortable, and if you're jersey rides up you won't be showing your ass crack to everyone riding behind you.
6. Pump your tires EVERY TIME YOU RIDE. You don't want to be that guy hanging everyone up because you were an idiot and got a flat. Needless to say, that even with all precautions taken, they do happen.
7. Bring a spare tube, CO2 cartridge, and applicator. If you lose a tire, you don't want to be stranded. And in the wild event that you lose 2 tubes in a day, (you must really have bad karma) I'm sure someone will spot you.
8. Ride often. The more you do it, the better you'll be. And believe me, your legs will be infinitely more toned. (pic at the bottom)
9. Ride in a group. It's safer, and more fun, and you'll be able to go faster and longer. Join a club, or just berate your friends until they get into it.
10. Mess around with stuff. This is very vague, so let me explain. Learn how to tune your bike (something I'm still working on). Adjust things to see if it's more comfortable. You can even get professionally fitted if you don't mind spending the money. Adjust seat height, stem length, closeness of the seat to the handlebars, handlebar tilt, brakes, and true your wheels. It all helps in the end.
11. Clean your bike, often! I like to wipe it down after every ride. Though, sometimes I'm lazy and that doesn't happen...
12. Eat. Invest in energy cubes or Gu or something to keep you going on the long rides. No one can ride a century without food... It just doesn't happen.
13. And finally, get clipless shoes / pedals! You'll be amazed at how much easier it is to ride in these. I don't have them for my mountain bike, and I'm paying for it -- I lose my footing all the time.
14. PS, if you're in the market for a new mountain bike -- I'd suggest the 29ers. They give you more ground clearance, and you can roll over things so much easier. Just a thought.

case and point -- I do nothing for my legs but ride often

I'm sure this list can be added to, but it's time to head to work. Had a great ride this morning! But now it's business time.

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  1. ahem, are you sure to have a baseball player butt... not a cyclist's one? Humour me - what's the difference? x


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