Sunday, June 17, 2012

listen to the lyrics .

Some songs are just too good to go unnoticed. The messages they send, through the beat, through the vibe, through the rhythms and just the slightest combination of sounds they bring together. Today I've been on an A Day To Remember trip. I have always liked them, but today started to really listen to the lyrics of stuff. Wow is all i can say.

If you've never heard of ADTR, here's the main gist. They combine a sort of pop sound with a much heavier sound. They have very good voices, but can also scream like a motherfucker. Imagine something sort of along the lines of Attack Attack. But personally, I think they're better. If you like heavy driving sounds with some GREAT words, this stuff is for you.

I have 2 albums of theirs; I think I'm missing a third that came out recently. I have "Homesick" and "For Those Who Have Heart." I like almost every song on both albums. But today, I really connected with the words in several songs -- songs I had apparently never listened to close enough.

Wading through music in my iTunes is like going for a walk with no destination in mind. I was tweeting lyrics from them left and right this morning when I realized I should probably stop before people get mad for overuse and abuse of Twitter.

Some of the best lyrics I heard this morning:
"So now you'll know exactly what it feels like to be an obstacle in my way, you won't remain, you won't remain"

"It's like speaking in tongues for all you know. Will we ever get what we deserve? How long until the tables turn?"

And you should listen to these, are a good example of how they're hard and soft at the same time:


  1. Their first album - re-released as Old Record - has some gems. Their latest is What Separates Me From You, there are a few good songs, but it's a much more pop centered sound. Probably the least impressive of their albums in my opinion. For Those Who Have Heart is pure gold

    1. Yeah, they used to be a lot more similar to Stick to Your Guns. But I have to say, I'm kind of enjoying the pop sound. It is getting a little more towards an All Time Low sound, who I greatly enjoy, but either way, I like their stuff a lot. Bands change over time; I feel like it happens with all artists. Like it or hate it, but the old stuff that you did like will always be there!


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