Sunday, June 24, 2012

jesus and the alien .

The inspiration for today's blog comes from a little comic I read about in a devotional-esque thing I get in my email.

I love the comedic approach that it takes in regards to our anticipation of the second coming. It also plays on the conspirators of alien life. In my opinion, though I haven't witnessed anything that might point towards extraterrestrial activity, I figure that the universe is so huge and vast and, so they say, infinite, that at some point there has to be life that inhabits another planet. Space in and of itself is so large, and our solar system, let alone our planet, is basically just a speck of dust in the grand scheme of things.

Is it right for us to feel, shall I say, guilty, regarding what happened to Jesus when he was here? I don't really know. Perhaps it's not really warranted because we weren't the ones that were alive then... and after all, wasn't that the eventual final purpose from day one? To be crucified, to take the weight of all sin on His shoulders?

The idea of Jesus being like a neighbor down the street, coming over for a bite to eat sounds rather comical. But wouldn't that be awesome? To bridge a gap like that between a heavenly and an earthly realm? Though I don't know. Then maybe the second coming wouldn't be such a big deal, or such a highly anticipated event in Christianity. Instead we'd have the "weekly coming" or something of the like.

In any event, I think the comic makes you think a little bit -- it's just a small reminder of the shit somebody went through in a sacrifice for all of us. And that, my friends, is humbling.


  1. The question really is, if Jesus re-visited, would we treat him any different than last time...? I wonder... x

    1. Good point... that may have to be a topic for another post!

  2. this made me think and the comic made me laugh.. great post!


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