Sunday, June 10, 2012

celebrity-ism sells .

We've seen it time and again. The Hollywood persona pays, quite literally! Now before I start out on this commentary, let me preface it with the fact that I think we can all appreciate what the people in the Hollywood spotlight do. Whether it be acting, singing, dancing etc. It's incredible to undergo that sort of pressure and still come out.. dare I say, alive? I think all of us may sometimes want a piece of the spotlight, but only to some degree. I think if we stepped into their shoes for a moment we may realize it's harder than it seems. So to see people perform with such grace and humility in a position such as theirs is inspiring. And now on to more fun stuff...

I saw an ad today that said that Bristol Palin is having her own show coming out. Um. What? It's called "Life's a Tripp" (a play on words on the name of that lovely accidental child of hers. I'm scared to think how he will grow up...

I feel like more often than not people reallllly milk the system. Why has there been 5 seasons of Jersey Shore? Why does Kim Kardashian have a reality show (or more than one reality show?!)? There's sex tapes and drug busts and arrests. I mean, maybe I've got it all wrong and maybe that there's just a lot of pressure and they need some release and that they're just not very smart in choosing the right outlet. Who am I to judge?

Fact of the matter is some of the shit that comes out these days is downright stupid. Why are there 6 different shows that showcase old fat men picking up other people's trash and trying to sell it to antique shops. That's so stupid.

But this Bristol Palin nonsense had to have been the stupidest thing I've heard of since Octomom wanted to get a porn spread ("I'm only doing softcore.." Bitch please, you'll jump into the gutter soon enough). Let me get this straight. You embarrassed yourself and your family by getting pregnant before marriage with some douchebag. It was publicized beyond belief. You milked that opportunity for all it's worth and now this comes along? I can't wait. It'll probably be about as good as "Sarah Palin's Alaska" which I've only watched mere seconds of and I can tell you it's shit.

This is getting absurd. What happened to quality TV? What happened to things people are actually interested in? The same goes for movies. I think maybe that people in their industry are getting squeeze just as hard by the economy as others, and are using desperate measures in desperate times. There are glimmers of hope though. As Matthew McConaughey said tonight at the Spike Guys Choice Awards, he's an actor, and he's gonna work his ass off to make sure that payin' 10 bucks to go see a film is damn well worth it.

Wordddd up. 'Preciate that.

But seriously Hollywood. Cut the shit.


  1. The trouble is, there are people out there actually watching the shit (however unbelievable this is to you or me) and therefore programs get good ratings... sadly, we've plenty of those at this end too... Let's just hope there's still some decent stuff for the 'like of us' : ).

  2. I, too, feel the same way, but WHY do we keep watching? Is it that the lives of those are more fucked up than ours, and it makes us feel "normal"? It's OUR fault they are like that. They feed from us.

    Good thoughts!

    1. I think maybe people are looking for excitement. They are reserved and practical, and sometimes people just want to induce a bit of chaos. If you can't find it yourself (or maybe don't want to) you can always indulge in the mistakes and chaotic drama of others!

  3. Yup! It's so sad that we -- the collective first world -- care more about GTL than we do about really issues like world hunger. Sigh.

    1. You bet Elle. Though I live on the Jersey Shore, and though I'm no guido, (like, definitely not at all...) those people are not only on TV I promise you!

      Flattered you commented, love your blog!

  4. 100% agree with Stacia and Hannah that the more we watch these shows, the more stupid things people will do to get any sort of attention (because they know this stuff sells and we'll give them our undivided attention). I know so many people who will watch stuff like Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, The Bachelor every week yet do nothing else to educate themselves on what reality really is.


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