Sunday, June 17, 2012

bullet update .

A few quick things for today:
- I'm looking at grad schools -- can't wait to move and get a new fresh start
- Did some money calculations today -- may not have enough to make it through the school year. In fact, definitely won't.
- As a result of the previous bullet, I'm looking for a third job. Would love to barback somewhere... if anyone hears of openings, let me know.
- I'm rediscovering my love for the drums, and would love to play in a band and get some gigs together. If anyone's interested, let me know.
- A Day to Remember has been playing all day.
- I think that there's something good in the works for me, and I'm really excited to see where it goes.
- My brother's graduating on Wednesday, never to be a high-schooler again.
- The weather has been pristine past few days. I have no issues with it being 50 degrees at night; I leave the windows open.
- Congratulations go out to Orla Gartland whose single came out recently, and has really been making an imprint on the music world
- To Hannah, if you seriously pester me further about including my butt in a post I just might... maybe. Persuade me. Give me all you got!
- Went looking through some posts I wrote while in Germany. I miss it dearly.
- I've been going to bed around 1130 lately, and getting up at 6. I like this schedule so much better.
- June and I have failed miserably on our goal to start 365 days of face photos, so we're going to start in July.
- Congratulations to Steph, who just graduated high school -- big achievement.
- Everyone send a few prayers and such up for Stacia, who's been enduring some rough times.
- And to my dear friend Angie, we haven't chatted in quite some time. I miss it! Will be sending some snail mail your way soon.

Hope everyone's doing well. I know I may not comment much, but believe me, I'm reading your stories and keeping up with all of your lives. Always good to see new things from you all.


  1. Right back at 'cha, Greg. Seems like so long ago we were planning your Toronto adventure. Guess it wasn't meant to be at that time. I'm always reading too.....

    1. Not that time, no. But we'll get together eventually! I really want to visit Toronto. Soon, Angie. Adventure awaits!

  2. You are sooo kind and awesome to include me here!! You make me smile and (((hugs))) to you!

    Things for me always get better!!

    Hannah is all over that butt thing, too. hehe :)

    1. What can I say, you guys are some of the best friends I've got! Glad things are working themselves out. One step at a time!

  3. HA! Well, you know, you need to put yourself out THERE, market are after all - looking for third job, I hear...?

    It's all good talking about having a baseball butt... but how am I to know what that means!? I've not seen one before!? How can you possibly deprive me of such experience?? ; ) x


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