Thursday, June 14, 2012

the perfect 3 .

It isn't often that I go and talk about music on a day that isn't Music Monday, but this is going to be an exception. I, unlike 99% of the general population, still own a 'dumb phone.' That is, I don't have a smart phone. Therefore, I can't just play music on my phone; it just isn't that simple. And so here's the first part of this story: Because work can be quiet sometimes and early in the morning or late at night you may be doing something completely alone in the building, sometimes it's nice to add a little soundtrack. Because the XM radio can be spotty (especially on a day with bad weather), I wanted to find a speaker that would satisfy my musical necessity that was tiny and easily attached to my iPod. What I found was a $7 tiny rectangular speaker that attached directly to my iPod using the same port that charges the battery.

Success! And so I proceeded throughout my morning routine yesterday at around 6am at work to the tune of Led Zeppelin. It was then that I realized that Led Zeppelin is and will always be one of my favorite groups, and it had been WAY too long since I'd listened.

Several years ago I bonded with some kids in my classes that happened to have similar musical taste. Whenever we drove somewhere, we listened to Led Zeppelin, using the little toy shoe hanging from the mirror in the car as the cymbal. Talk about a great way to travel around.

What we eventually came up with was a three song set of Led Zeppelin that we dubbed "the perfect 3." What are these 3 songs you ask? Well, you start out with Ramble On, move on to Moby Dick, and end it with Bring It On Home. Let me tell you friends, it literally doesn't get any better than this. And now, you can experience that magic for yourself.

Behold, the perfect 3.

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