Wednesday, June 6, 2012

feeling cool & seeing warm .

The past few days in my neck of the woods have been absolutely glorious. Despite some torrential downpours, sometimes for hours on end, it has been awesome. Why, you ask? Because it's been a beautiful 65 degrees out almost every single day for the past week. This means that at night it's cool. This means that you can leave the windows open all day and there is that perfect "fresh-air" smell all through the house. This means that there hasn't been any humidity, and if it is, it's hidden by the clouds and the cooler temperatures. Honestly, I could care less if it's cloudy outside, as long as the temperature stays down. Oddly enough, all of my friends from down South are bitching and moaning about it being "too cold" and whatnot. Phew, I wish it was like this all the time! If I knew I could walk outside all the time with pants on and not sweat my butt off and end up with a severe case of swampass by the end of the day, I totally would take that deal.

At the club where I work, there's a lot of open space. The land that it sits on used to be an old airfield, and therefore there really aren't much of any trees on the lot. The great thing is, the club faces East, and the back faces straight West. So every morning you get a spectacular view of the sunrise, and each night you get another fantastic view of the sunset. This year I've been on the later shifts all the time, and therefore I get some great views of the setting sun. I used to date a girl who was just as obsessed with these as I was, and we'd always send each other picture messages of the setting sun, saying it made us think of the other. I really miss her sometimes.

Anyways, I took a lot of pictures yesterday as the day progressed, mainly because each time something was happening in the sky that just made me need the picture. I usually take tons on my phone and then go back later and upload them to my computer, using them as backgrounds. People always ask where I get these awesome backgrounds from, and I can proudly say that I actually took them myself. No fancy camera equipment, no filters, no editing, just pure clear vision of nature. And without further ado, here are the pictures from yesterday.

And while we're at it, might as well put in the pictures I took today as well!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Hannah! I always run upstairs if I see a potential good shot :)

  2. wow, these are all pretty sweet. I like them a lot. I use my own pictures as my backgrounds too and love when people ask where I got them from :)

    1. Thanks! And yeah, it's awesome being able to say, hell yeah, I was there, I took that shot!


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