Saturday, May 5, 2012

driving time .

It's almost that time to head home. Truck is just about packed with the exception of the few things I still have to throw in there (pillows and backpack and whatnot). I'm gonna sleep for a good bit and then get up and try to get out the door right around midnight. It's gonna be a long trip, no doubt. It's strange saying goodbye to people. It often feels almost too informal, with just a wave or a handshake. But I think that's just the way college is. Even though it's possible I may never see some of these people again, I'm sure there will be new adventures, new paths of future friends to cross. I wish all the graduates the best of luck, especially coming into a world whose economy is certainly less than stellar.

Say a few prayers for me guys. I'm finally headed home.
the pond right near where I live, back when it wasn't so swampy


  1. Safe travels, my friend! I'm off of Rt 80, so maybe sometime over the next few months, we can possibly meet?

    It's always bittersweet when one chapter ends and another starts. You have a such a great outlook on life at 21...I admire that about you already. Quite an inspiration to others.

    Nice photo, too! Home awaits you...

    1. You always leave the best comments. Thanks so much! Always makes me feel incredibly good about myself. I think we can and should definitely set something up this summer!


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