Saturday, May 5, 2012

brielle .

The other day on Twitter I happened to notice a Q&A that Owl City (Adam Young) was doing for people as they sent in their questions and he replied to them. One of them really caught my eye:
The coolest part about this? Brielle is quite near me! In my county in fact. It's not super close, but still! So exciting!

The beach towns in Jersey are really something else. Places like Sea Girt and Spring Lake are some of my favorites. I can't help but smile when I take a trip out there -- to see the gorgeous houses with glorious vistas across the ocean and in the summer how all the bustling beach traffic is there. People litter the beach, despite the fact you have to pay just to get on!

I seem to recall that to Adam, the ocean was always a simply magical place that was almost unfathomable, since he grew up in Owatonna, a small town in Minnesota. I'd love to actually one day visit this place, because it seems like it is a town almost left behind in time, with one of those super small-town feels where everyone knows everyone. Anyways, if memory serves correctly, one of the reasons Adam entitled the one album Ocean Eyes is because he finally got to go out and see what he had never seen before.

I can't imagine never having seen the ocean. How would I survive? And it's at this point that I wonder if I'll ever be able to live far away from the ocean. Clemson is about 4 hours from the shores of the Atlantic, and I haven't really ever driven out to the beach during school. But in the summer time, it's practically a staple habit to go out and walk along the beach at night. It's really a magical place, even though I've seen it so many times.

What a small world that such a place like Brielle was that inspiring to Adam to make a song out of it. As a Jersey boy born and raised, I'm so proud to hear that.
the marina at beautiful Brielle, New Jersey

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