Wednesday, May 9, 2012

wisdom teeth .

This morning I had an appointment to get my wisdom teeth taken out. I only had the two on the bottom; the two on the top simple don't exist. I wasn't really too worried, but this is probably one of the most major surgeries I've ever had (besides maybe getting tattoos, which actually is considered surgery believe it or not). I've never been knocked out with general anesthesia, and I have to say since you're asleep for the whole thing, you don't really notice anything. Anyone who has anxiety about the process can rest easy, knowing that they won't feel anything -- and probably still won't for hours on end afterwards. I didn't get full feeling back in my mouth until around 430 this afternoon, and I was done with my procedure at 10am.

So yeah, my mouth is sore. But it's not really anything to bitch about. I've been taking my antibiotics and my ibuprofen. They even prescribed me vicodin should I need it... which my mother is doing everything possible to keep from me taking. It's some serious stuff, admittedly.

The worst part is not the jaw aches, or the general mouth aches, or the amount of blood (mine didn't actually bleed all that much; it must have clotted pretty well), it's that you can't eat anything. For a kid who's used to eating 4-5 meals a day (and I mean, like, full meals, not just snacks in between) I was only able to eat these things today: mac & cheese, water, pudding, popsicles, ice cream, applesauce, and yogurt. So basically, nothing with real substance. So strange. As I type this my stomach is rumbling... Today I managed to go through a good 3 individual cartons of yogurt, 4 of pudding, 6 popsicles, two big bowls of mac&cheese and a bowl of applesauce. Kinda insane that I'm still so hungry if you ask me.

Though, I know that things will heal and I'll be able to eat normally in no time. I'm taking the medication I need and taking the time to let things heal and whatnot. Definitely an odd experience though. It'll be nice once the aching and pain is gone (Apologies for complaining, like I said, though, it's really not that bad). I just can't wait to eat real food again.

"Wisdom" teeth. Weird. Maybe I lost wisdom today... haha. Apparently the other name is 3rd molar, which definitely sounds much more dentally scientific. Still I think it's a funny thought to think of teeth giving you wisdom

I would post pictures, but let's be honest, no one needs to see the inside of my mouth or anyone else's -- if you wanna go check some out, well, that's what google images is for. Well regardless, enough on that subject. I'm just glad it's all done and I get to just hang out for a few days.

Anyone have stories from getting their wisdom teeth taken out?


  1. Reading this post made me feel a little better about the two wisdom teeth that I have been putting off getting pulled. They have been bothering me a little bit for a while but I have been delaying making an appointment. I suppose if I'll be put under that I really won't have anything to worry about.

    1. yeah, it really wasn't bad at all! No worries Keith. Best of luck when you do make an appointment!

  2. I guess I was lucky. I was born without wisdom teeth, so I never had to go through that. I did have all my upper teeth pulled and replaced with a full denture a few years ago, and it wasn't that bad. I left the office with new teeth and a nicer smile than I'd had in years. My favorite soft food was KFC mashed potatoes and gravy.


  3. I had surgery to have all 4 removed after braces in my early teens, I think 15. Easy peasy. :) Glad you are managing, and just the weekend, you'll be back to normal!!


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