Thursday, May 3, 2012

Music Monday #66

Welllll, obviously it's not Monday, but I'm playing catch-up this week so you'll just have to make do. Apologies if anyone really missed having it on Monday! This week's song is Wild One by Flo Ride ft. Sia.
I can't say I like everything that Flo Rida has done because I haven't heard it all. I usually only hear the songs once they get popular and put on the radio or something. But he seems to have this uncanny ability to create songs that just ooze a good vibe. This is one of those songs -- and Sia adds an unbelievable element to it. I haven't heard the name Sia in forever... I remember a long while back we had a retreat song called Breathe Me by Sia. And that was awesome. So props to Flo Rida to picking out a good artist to feature. Now if only she were in the music vid too! Enjoy this one.

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