Monday, April 30, 2012

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Over the past year or so I've been on Blogger, I've realized that there are seriously a TON of moms who also blog out there. I mean, there are other things I've sort of felt are more prominent writing groups -- like there are a lot of young couples, or newly married couples, who want to document their adventures together. There are also some family-wide blogs, where the parents write down what's going on in their kids' lives as well as their own, in addition to what the family in general is up to. I also think that the majority of people who blog are women... though I haven't seen an official demographic or anything so I can't confirm that. I will say that that might make sense though, since I think that women are more prone to talk about feelings and whatnot. Either way, I've been loving the community and the friendships made on here. People may be quick to bash online / digital acquaintances, but in my eyes it's not lame at all; it's very real. Blogging has opened another window to that sort of thing.

Regardless, there are a lot of mothers out there that have turned to blogging. I've communicated with at least a few, and read the blogs of many others religiously. It's really interesting to get a window into someone's life who is so much farther progressed than mine. Despite my 21 years of age, I still feel like I am very young, and haven't experienced much. I think that the drastic change will come when college is over and I'm living the real life of an adult.

I wonder if I'll still blog when (or rather, if...) I get married and have kids. The family-style blogs always seem to be run by Mom. And I have no problem with that! I think that's awesome. But I think that either way, I'll still want to have my own personal blog to spill my personal thoughts out on to. I've more or less laid down a good foundation for me to start out on, and I'm certainly planning on continuing.

Well I seem to have rambled a good bit on this post, but I just thought it was interesting that there are so many stories out there -- and I do enjoy reading their stories, no matter whether it's good things or bad things; you almost feel like you're a part of the family in some ways. This one goes out to the moms!

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  1. And you're so awesome! I hope you'll continue to blog throughout your 20s, as your point of view is pretty amazing.

    We've all been through "stuff" and that's what makes the stories so relatable, men and women.

    Enjoy the rest of college, as time flies by so fast and before you know it, you are moving onto the next "phase".

    I'm glad to have met you :)


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