Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Lottery .

Given that the Mega Millions lottery happened just a few days ago, I figured I'd give that a try in terms of a topic to talk about. I think inside we all wish we could buy a lottery ticket for a few bucks and end up winning millions -- if only it were that easy! I read an article about it recently as social media blasted the world with the news of a record-breaking pot and tons of people across the country rushed out to get last-minute tickets, and it had to do with all of the things that have a better chance of happening than you winning the lottery -- which conveniently included dying in multiple different ways. How's that for a gamble? (pun intended)

I'll admit, I've played the lottery a few times. I stay away from those tickets that cost $20+ though... just do the $1 scratchoffs once in a blue moon. I've won about two dollars total from the few times I've played. The first time was on my 18th birthday, and I bought a ticket, because, well, I could. Ha. Though it wasn't until today that I was really challenged to think about all of the almost detrimental effects that could happen if you won the lottery.

I think studies have shown (though don't take my word on it, I didn't feel like researching it) that people who win blow through their winnings so fast that in the end they end up financially worse off. I'd imagine it's awfully hard to be practical when you have it piled up out of your ears, regardless of what you use it for (charitable causes, or that luxury sports car you've had your eye on for years and hope that buying it will bring you back to younger years).

The lottery feeds a sort of inherent greed that can pretty easily take hold of us. I'm guilty of it as well. Who wouldn't want to win all that money? The first thing that comes to my mind is not how I could use all that for a good cause or invest it or anything, but no, the first thing is imagine what I could buy with all of that. There's probably something wrong there.

And of course, your own selfishness is just the beginning. In a world where whoever wins is automatically thrown directly into the public light, could there be a bigger bullseye on your back? "Friends" and even supposed family will come crawling out of the woodwork once they hear you've won. Everyone could use a handout, everyone could use some extra cash, and wow, somehow all of their friends and family have contracted serious illnesses and it was a miracle you won the lottery just in time! And you think that greed is not an inherent trait in our race? Think again.

People will want to rob you, or use you for your money, I mean honestly the possibilities of negative things happening are virtually endless. Is it worth winning in the end? And are you really even winning at all when the detriments outweigh the benefits? Just some things to think about. Big thanks to Sexy Phil on Youtube for bringing this stuff up; it was an interesting reflection, no doubt.

Ever played the lottery yourself? Any cool stories out there?

Also, wanted to mention... my family could use a few prayers. Our truck (one of the family vehicles that has played an essential role in moving kids around during college, and countless other things) has been in the shop since January, and we just found out there is no fix. The car is going to be totaled, and it's only a 2003... Money is of course tight for everyone at this time in the economy, and we just keep getting hit with huge unexpected expenses, not to mention the time it's going to take to find a new truck to replace it. So hopefully things work out and we'll find something soon...


  1. I've never bought a lottery ticket in my life...but I came pretty damn close last week :)

  2. Ever since I turned 18 last Christmas, I have wanted to lol but because I don't have much cash to spare right now (and ride to get there) I haven't yet.

    And I hope everything works out with your family getting a new truck!


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