Tuesday, April 10, 2012

where'd you go .

As I was looking over my blog and trying to decide if I wanted to change some things up, I saw the "Blogs You Should Check Out" section I put up a while back so that other people could get an idea of all the people's blogs that I read. Plus, a little bit of publicity for my friends on here always helps right? Though upon reading that list I realized how many of them haven't posted in forever.

I talked once before about how there are lots of old blogs out there that people have either forgotten about, or stopped writing on, or moved to another site. I don't know, there are tons of reasons. But most surprisingly are those that I have followed, and it had never occurred to me that there would be a time when I simply stopped hearing from some people. Now my plan is to continue to write and blog more or less for the rest of my life, and I hope that I can (and that I always will have wireless to post... haha) lest my blog become more dust in the wind.

And yet, I wonder about those who I followed (and for those of you whose blogs I do follow, I read every post you write and whether I comment on it or not, I always enjoy reading it). I wonder what made them stop, or what made them forget about it. Maybe they just stopped enjoying writing. Maybe it was just a cathartic coping mechanism for a tough time they were going through and that time has since passed. It's very clear to me that blogs are not for everyone. I know some people that started and barely got off the ground before quitting. I know some that just forgot about it. I know some that want to start one, but think that what they post won't be interesting or they won't have enough to write about or they will lose touch with it quickly. I just found something I loved, and have been posting for almost a year and a half, not mention I've met quite a few awesome people on Blogger.

Whatever the reason that these people stopped writing, I guess it'll soon be time to go through and clear out those blogs that I never hear from anymore because most likely I'll never hear from them again. It's kind of like losing a friend, almost. I'd love to hear thoughts on this. I kind of miss reading about those people and the words they put out there.

Do you follow any blogs that have long since stopped posting? Do you stop following them or keep them around in hopes they will one day post again?


  1. I honestly think that the key is to blog regularly, because it's too easy to lose the interest if you stop for awhile. I think a lot of people get really excited to start a blog, start posting stuff like crazy, and then burn our really quickly or get bored with it. I have tried to make a "blog schedule" for myself (about a post every other day or so) and I try to stick to that.

    There are a few on my list that have stopped posting. Some of them I truly enjoyed reading as well.

    1. Amen to that. It is easy to lose interest. Some days, it feels like a chore to sit down and write.. other days though it flows as easy as a river down a mountain.

  2. TOTALLY agree....to blog is to be creative. Not everyone can sustain it...or really wants to. I've committed to blogging every single day. I don't expect this from other bloggers. It's just a standard I've set for myself. It's a tough world out there. Do what you love. That's my motto. Some people no longer love to blog and they stop. I do miss some blogs. But life happens and people get distracted. When one blogger falls, another one rises....Ha. Hey - somebody out there is starting a blog today and posting for the very first time. Let's send them all the positive energy in the world ;-) Cheers for this insightful post, Greg.

  3. When I have nothing else to do, I tend to just sit down and crawl over different blogs by using the Next Blog>> Option at the top of the page. When I find something that I want to go back to and read, I decide to follow it. A lot of the blogs that I follow haven't posted in awhile, but every once in awhile it's nice to find something new, and that I didn't miss out on it. So yes, I keep them in hopes of something new to read(:


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