Monday, April 2, 2012

April and the Fool .

Beyond the horizon, there it lay
Across the shores to Amerikay
The deepening blue of ocean's top
would soon yield brighter blues, then stop
For upon the shore a Fool there was
Gazing up at the morning sun.
And he knew that from month to month
That this one in particular would be so much fun

And while it may be only just for a day
With gullible minds he was sure he would play
For the minute that the month's March is done
the fleeting foolishness of April had won
the day's graces with smiles on their faces
and he counted their paces as if they were races
and lo' and behold their true colors showed
when they tried to trick him with stories they told

April's start brings with it lies and deceit
With made-up fibs that lie at our feet
What day is this, cause to celebrate?
Or excuse for the Devil that now lies incarnate?

The game of a fool is a gamble, it's true
If you don't dupe him first, he'll lay one on you
And thus it behooves the average man to stay
Out of the games, if not but for one day
While we watch from distance, we watch from afar
We see people that realize what things aren't and what are

It's been said once before, it's a dangerous game --
You just might have fallen in the grave you have lain


  1. I can honestly say that in my entier life I've never seen an April Fool's poem...truly original sir. Great work!

  2. Such a great poem! I had to smile when you wrote "Amerikay" (: Oh the things we do to rhyme!

  3. @Stephanie: Yes, it was partly to rhyme but Amerikay is also slang in Ireland for America! Works nicely though


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