Thursday, April 5, 2012

Speedos .

I recently started following a Workout Inspiration blog to help motivate myself to be even more obsessed with exercise than I already am. Thing is, I lift all the time, but have been severely lacking in my cardio. One of my roommates is a pro cyclist and so I was in the habit of riding about every other day, but haven't in almost two weeks (which unfortunately means that I most likely lost all progress that I made; it's amazing what consistency can do for you). I really want and need to get back into it. Starting this weekend! I'll be out riding on Easter for sure.

Anyways, the post today on the workout blog was about cardio exercise tips, to help you fit back into your bathing suit. My question is for all the ladies out there -- what are your thoughts on guys in speedos?

I think that we can all appreciate the average hunk who is bulked and ripped out of his mind in a speedo -- it just looks impressive. I'm also a strong proponent of the phrase, 'if you got it, flaunt it.' I know that after a long time of working out, I'm definitely more likely to go shirtless or hit the beach or wear a speedo at the pool -- not only because I like them, but also because I've worked so hard and am proud of the way I look!

I got into wearing speedos at the beginning of college, and as many guys will say how gay they are or whatever else, they are so damn comfortable. And I've worn either speedos or semisuits ever since (semisuits are basically the equivalent size of boxer briefs, but in swimsuit form). However, regardless of how much I like them, I'm curious to hear from the female point of view. I've heard that they just don't like them -- though I would imagine that that depends on how good looking or cut the guy is.

I know that it's kinda bold to wear that kind of suit, for a guy. And I was expecting a lot more of them when I was in Europe, where it seems the American style board shorts have really caught on. It's now just a mixed batch.

What are your thoughts? If a guy can pull it off, should he go for it?

I'm planning on continuing to wear mine proudly... simply because I can.

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  1. Ummmm....speedos? I'll pass on that. Board shorts for sure...;-)


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