Thursday, April 5, 2012

music piracy .

I think that everyone has downloaded something illegally. And yet there is this constant ethical battle of musicians and artists losing money from it, and it's not right, and it's stealing and whatnot. Well I'm gonna give you my point of view about all this.

If you are a "musician" that does it for the money, and is all concerned about how much money or royalties you're making, you can go fuck yourself. If you're any good, and people are downloading your shit and buying your albums and all that, then you will have shows and play at events and believe me, you will be making more than enough money to survive.

The thing I think that really needs to be analysed here is not an argument about the money. I think that if you are a musician, then the whole reason you really got into that industry is because you absolutely love the music. If you're not in it for the music, then why would you start it? How can you even be a musician professionally if you don't love every second of it and love sitting down and writing and the rhythms and the chords and the composition of sound just makes every part of your day?

But maybe you're one of those struggling musicians. One who just can't quite make it big, and you're struggling with funds. But being broke has never stopped a musician before -- they get some CDs and just pass them out just so they can be heard. Because I can tell you from experience, to have someone listen to your shit and have them say that they like it and would to hear more is worth more than anyone could pay me for my music.

So on the topic of music piracy, I think it's bullshit. Music is something that should be heard, shared, and shared some more. If you think something is dope then enlighten your friend. The likelihood is, I think, that if people end up liking the artist then they'll eventually buy merchandise or go to a show or something and the money will make its way back to the artist. There are also tons of people out there that know that they can get something illegally, but out of respect for the artist go and buy the album anyways. Some people like to have the official physical collection, with the album artwork and the covers and everything else.

I don't think I even need to ask if you've ever downloaded something illegally (and getting it from a friend on a burned CD would count too); if ever I meet something who thinks they are so self-righteous and haven't ever downloaded a single thing illegally, I'll be the first to call some major bullshit. That being said, what are your thoughts on music piracy? Or illegal downloading in general, of any sort of media?


  1. This has always been a very complicated issue for me. I do understand the concern with piracy, for technically it is illegal. However, I have downloaded hundreds of songs in my lifetime so I'm just as guilty as the next person. I read something once about an artist (I think it was NellY) that actually said he took it as a compliment if people download his songs because it means that they like him. It was an interesting take.

  2. Who would've thought Keith's favorite blog list would lead me towards so many nice blogs to discover. This certainly is one of them. On topic, I've downloaded tons and tons of music, games and movies in my life but on the contrary I've bought a lot of games and dvd's too. Music not so much, since it's so darn expensive. Will always pay for a proper concert though. It's something personal I think.

  3. Thanks for the kind words! I completely agree on the concerts though. That's one of the best parts about music I think!

  4. I agree with Optimistic Existentialist, this has been something I've struggled with numerous times. I will download a bunch of songs, then feel guilty and get guilt trapped into buying one of those Rhapsody/Napstar monthly passes for a few months until I give up and start downloading again haha

    I don't think music piracy is something that you're going to stop but if you're really a fan of a musician etc.. you're going to buy their merchandise and music and attend their concerts.


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