Monday, April 30, 2012

captchas .

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the most annoying thing on the internet: captchas. A lot of people have them on their blogs to protect from spam comments (and let's be honest, I would rather do that, because who knows what kind of awful spam is out there; who makes spam for blogs anyways? stupid); I have it as well. And while it may be much more annoying not to mention time consuming to put in these captchas, in the end it's probably worthwhile. Have you ever really stopped to look at them though? Some of them look like they're written in some crazy indecipherable code! You'll try and try again to no avail and eventually are just going to give up! I don't blame you though. Captchas suck, no matter how useful they are.

I know I mentioned this before but I wanted to add more pictures to my posts (if even only one) and when I started typing 'captcha' into Google images, other stuff started to pop up as well. I realized that captchas can not only annoying, but funny too! Occasionally it'll spell something out that you can't quite make out. And the downright impossible ones? Don't even try.

I would love to know how these things are generated. I mean, look at this stuff!!

I mean, all of those are pretty funny. And honestly, there are a ton more. Thing is, I would imagine that there are people out there to take the time to photoshop stuff in and make it look like it was done that way. That's just silly. Some of the best stuff is the stuff that comes for real in a random situation!

Funny enough if you leave a comment, you'll have to write in that damn captcha. But I'd certainly appreciate it if you did!

Also, on a side note, my blog reached more views this month than it has ever had. I feel pretty accomplished, but wanted to also thank you guys! It's because of you adding links and such to your sites or spreading the word between friends. So thanks for that.


  1. :D and there was me worrying that I was the only one out there having trouble with these! Seriously!? Thank you very much for sharing, I now feel so normal! :)

  2. I've read (or probably StumbledUpon) that Captchas are created to help programs that scan in text to recognize it. When the program can't transfer the word, they'll match it with a word that it could translate and use humans to translate it for them. They check accuracy based on getting the translatable word and match up the untranslatable answers among multiple readers. If the same word keeps getting read and makes sense in context, they'll go in and change it manually. Or so I've read. #textbooklessonover

  3. ... So that's what that thing is called?!? I learn something new everyday here haha(: But honestly if I could figure out how to turn it off, I wouldn't because of the crazy spam comments that I've seen on other blogs... and I think it helps my ability to read all types of handwriting too ^.^

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