Monday, April 23, 2012

crunch time .

Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the end of the semester. The last two weeks, the last week of classes and finals week, are without a doubt the most stressful two weeks of the year for most. And yet prior to the elation regarding the fact that classes are over and summer holiday is in session, we must first haul ass to ensure that we get some what we need to regarding our classes and school work, hence, my absence from blogging.

So firstly and foremost, let me apologize for my lack of daily input and pensive consideration about life. Because lately, life has been, well, simply life, and that means that life has been difficult! And that's quite alright. I've been up late every night, taking unexpected naps, and struggling to fit in all my work (not to mention failing to even touch the work I need to do for my job. Lucky me, my boss is quite the understanding man).

The most entertaining part is that it is this time of the year where we see the highest uses of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and countless other procrastination methods. But you see, I've tried quite hard never to fret about too much about it. Everyone needs a break: sometimes it comes in the form of a make-your-own-6pack from Ingles, or skyping your foreign friend across the pond for the entire day while you both waste your life away working on assignments whose due dates are rapidly approaching.

Sometimes it's easy to look at the schedule and say, damn I have so much to do and I have no idea how I'm ever going to get it done. Fact of the matter is, time doesn't stop for anyone no matter how much you plead or how much you have to do. And therefore, we just need to do the best we can with the time we've got. And if you give it your all and put in the best work you can, well then there is nothing really more anyone can ask of you. And you gotta take breaks (hence my writing this post in the first place).

Architecture review Wednesday, and my boards are printed (will post pics eventually), two tests tomorrow in Statistics and Law, at least 2 more finals next week, not to mention getting my truck ready for the drive home and packing up all my shit.

It's crunch time ladies and gentlemen. Let's go out with a bang.


  1. Yep I hear you my man, it's definitely the most stressful time of the semester....the professors try to cram about 6 weeks worth of work into these last 2 weeks. At least it'll be over soon!

  2. You'll do great! Trust in the fact you've worked hard all year and you've learned so much. Just get enough sleep, eat good brain stimulating food and drink enough water. Knock 'em dead!


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