Thursday, April 26, 2012

Southern weather .

So today there were some heavy storms in the forecast. Funniest part about my school? If it starts thundering or lightning all of a sudden a bunch of sirens go off for like 5 minutes straight and then there is this voice that thunders (pun intended) all around campus saying "Warning. Warning. Lightning in the area. Please seek shelter immediately." The best part is that everyone completely ignores this. I mean, let's be honest, you can't exactly just blow off class because it's raining. And because the sirens happen often even when it's not even storming that bad, it makes people just ignore it to begin with. It's basically like the siren that cried lightning.

That being said it of course is going to blow up to like 80 degrees today and turn from a pleasant 65 to a hot and sticky sauna. What the fuck, South Carolina.

I hate the heat. And if there's anything I hate more than heat, it's humidity. So basically South Carolina conveniently offers both at the same time just about every day. And I love hearing people complain about it when it's cold outside. Those are like my favorite days of all time. In my eyes, you can always put more layers on... but you can only take so many layers off before you're left with nothing but the birthday suit. And people wonder why I prefer to wear a speedo at the beach... it's just freakin' hot man.

So yeah. That's South Carolina for you. Heavy monsoon rains, possible tornadoes, and more heat, humidity and pollen than you could ever dream of. In a nutshell of course.


  1. one time I was at the lake, like, in the water, and the lightning sirens went off. We ignored them and kept swimming.


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