Thursday, April 26, 2012

dress fresh to death .

This one is more directed to my female readers, but what is the freshest outfit you could see a guy wearing? It seems that these days the usual T-shirt and jeans have been replaced with chinos or slacks and something that looks a lot more stylish that what I ever wear (usually hit the gym every other day, so cutoffs and athletic shorts are the norm). While I was in Europe my eyes were opened to a whole other world when I walked into H&M (which, oddly enough, exists in America as well, and yet I had never come across it). My life was changed.

The stuff that is in H&M seems like it's very much in that sort of designer style. Now I never, never, buy clothes at the mall. I get the occasional pair of skinnies at PacSun (but let's be real they're 50 bucks so fuck that) or something else at Tilly's. I used to be a regular at Bob's which is right near the mall, but have since stopped going because they went from being a cheap place to a fuckin' expensive place. So yeah, enough of that. I now do most of my shopping online, because I'm lazy and don't feel like going to a store. It's especially easy once I actually get some stuff and figure out what size you really need based on the brand.

But I feel like so many of the clothes in H&M are pretty fresh. You can definitely find stuff that makes you feel older and look older too. Now that I'm in my 20's, I feel like it's not enough every day to just throw on whatever. Though I'll be honest, I couldn't really care less. I put time into the way I look, but not a lot of time. I just do me. But if there is an event or something that I need to get a little more dressed up for, I'm totally down. I used to hate dress clothes. But quite honestly, I like it now. I like feeling like I (hopefully) look good.

So... what would you say is the freshest outfit ever? I'm going to a semi-formal tonight for an organization on campus... I'm wearing a purple button down with a black silk tie and and a vest. I can post a picture tomorrow or something.

Goodness, why am I talking about fashion... must be really hurtin' for blog topics...

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  1. can't go wrong with a button down or a polo with a scarf or a vest. pair it with jeans and it's just classy. ^.^


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