Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dreams .

If there is one thing that rings true with me to tonight it is to never give up on what you truly want in life. The trials may be long and the frustrations many but you can't lose hope. There are too many forgone opportunities because we just aren't willing to try enough. I once read a quote that said that brains is not about inherent or learned intelligence, but rather the depth of perseverance before giving up. This couldn't be more true. You want something, go get it. You have a dream, chase it. No matter what. Because if we don't hold on to those opportunities we will completely lose the chance for something amazing. Mind blowing. Incredible. So when chance knocks on your door answer it. But don't leave your fate to chance. 


  1. I was once chosen by a local band to be their vocalist after a drunken karaoke night. I totally chickened out and never followed up with them. I didn't think I had the musical creativty needed to be in their group and I worried I would let them down. Those fears kept me from moving forward.

  2. true words my friend and very very true. Are you getting excited for grad school??


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