Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Emotions and All That Shit .

Wrote this a couple of nights ago and wanted to share it here. Enjoy:

"There is something almost frightening about when you realize you have feelings for someone. Your heart beats faster, whether you see them or just hear their name. Though your mind constantly wanders, it always ends up centered back on that person's face. You find yourself trying to find ways to make them smile and laugh, and think up extravagant plans that would make them melt. Your palms may sweat when you're with them, and the littlest thing that they do, whether a cute sideways glance or something else, makes you become like jelly inside. You realize how beautiful they are, and it's all you can do to refrain from holding them until the day you die. A slight brush of your hands or a moment where you lock eyes can send butterflies permanently into your stomach and all the way up your throat. The worst part, though, is not knowing. Not knowing if it's all for real, not knowing how they feel, not knowing what "the answer" might be should you choose to ask them out.

But all of that -- all of that is worth it. No matter how many shirts you sweat through, no matter how many times you can't eat because your stomach is flip flopping, no matter how many times people get ticked at you that you're not listening and instead you're daydreaming about a girl, it's all worth it -- because in the end you have a shot at being with someone who makes you truly happy. Being with someone who loves you for you, supports you, encourages you, makes you laugh and smile, holds your hand, and kisses you with the softest lips. Having that is priceless. Having that in your life, makes life worth living. A person that gets you, a person that can dish the shit as well as they can take it, a person that shares your core values and understands who you are and what you're all about.

Nerves? Frightening. Dates? Terrifying. But love? Worth it."


  1. So beautiful. How lucky is she?! :)

  2. Well then what are you waiting for Greg?? ASK!!

  3. Go for it! At your age, I remember falling in love for the first time. It felt like a truck ran into me. In a good way


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