Tuesday, January 14, 2014

cold .

The air practically singed on its way down. A deep inhale, followed by a deeper exhale. My breath instantly silhouetted against the moon's light. No one else ever believed this was a respectable time to awaken. Checking my laces once more, I tightened them and knotted a double loop. The reflective strips along the soles shone, but the rest of me lay in shadow. I was a ninja of the night. Another inhale, another exhale. The cold crept into my lungs, alighting a fire inside to keep me warm. My heart raced with anticipation and I grew impatient. Propping my leg up on the handrail to my apartment steps I cautiously leaned over and touched my head to my knee. My hamstrings screamed, but they did not falter. Switching legs I glanced around. Not a soul in sight -- just the way I like it. The dark takes no prisoners, only victims. But this was different. I owned this place. This was my realm.

My instincts took over. Another inhale, another exhale. Adjusting the hat on my head, I brushed the hair out of my eyes, shifting in the hoodie and pants that had kept me warm over the years. I had gone miles in these clothes. I had pounded my feet in these shoes. My knees may have lost some of their ability to rebound, but my legs remained strong. Muscles built on years of pain and abuse kept them in place. I pushed myself, each, and every, day. And today was no different.

With one final glance behind me, I disappeared into the night. All that was left was the sound of my footsteps echoing down city streets, and the swirling mist left in my wake in the amber glow of the lights..


  1. Damn I like this. Different approach by you here. Are you officially back? :)

    1. Thanks, and I guess so, as official as it can be! We'll see how busy things get this term. But for now, yep!!

  2. this is perfect. you painted a beautiful picture :) nice writing.

  3. Greg, this is one of the best things i've ever read on the internet


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