Thursday, January 2, 2014

she .

she is the light to my eyes:
a guide in a world of dark
a hand to grasp at sometimes
and a loving matriarch.

she whispers to me, i feel her close
she speaks of love,
something upon which you can never overdose.

i feel her close to me,
my heart bursts with joy
for a future together
is the life i plan to employ
and near or far i am comforted.

for we always make it work.

as sure as the sun sets and rises
and the moon pulls the tide,
as sure as a mother loves her child
and the poet's words are comprised,
i will love her.
may she forever know what she means to me
may she never forget she's the love i need

some nights we spend alone,
others we are together at home.
though all the while we feel, we ache, we love.

i live for her. we live for each other.
a hand, a shoulder, a pillow; laughter.
love: now, forever and

it is she.
out of all of the "she's" one could ask for
she gives herself to me and i am forever bonded with her.

it is she.
the one who makes you smile on a day
filled with bleak senses and tragedies away

it is she,
who i love.
 who is the one.


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