Saturday, April 5, 2014

Into Dust .

So many. So many lost and forgotten.
Crumbled from what they once were, disintegrated into dust.
The stories of days, weeks and years past
No longer around
No longer read
No longer remembered
Where have these people gone?
Where have they disappeared to?
Where have their lives brought them now?
Yet there are those that continue
That share their stories; their lives
There are those that comfort and console
Befriend and encourage
Motivate and compliment.
Forget not the friends of years past
Forget not the stories they told
of triumphs and tragedies
But of most forget not the people
behind those words.

1 comment:

  1. Lots of powerful stuff here. Truly. We sometimes take for granted those that have always been there for those who are new or those who may seem mundane. It's not until after the fact that we see this as a mistake.


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