Monday, December 31, 2012

Bose QC-15 Headphones .

Today I just want to talk a little bit about the Bose QC-15 around-ear noise-canceling headphones. I'm not normally one for product reviews, but I just got these for Christmas (I've been asking for them forever and a day, because they have always been way out of my poor college-kid budget) and they are truly incredible. Please note: As much as I wish Bose was paying me to endorse their product, I'm not getting anything out of gushing over their headphones. (haha)

First off, they come with a carrying case. This not only keeps them safe when you need to transport them, but you can fold them flat and ensure that nothing will break. There is also a little zippered pouch that is attached inside by Velcro for the cord. You can remove it completely, and thus put extra batteries or accessories inside. Okay before this starts to sound too much like a handbag... on to another part.

If you're an audio junkie like me, you might poop your pants the first time you put these on. After having countless pairs of headphones, this pair is by far the most comfortable thing I've ever had on my head. The ear cushions are soft and allow no extra noise in, and the band that goes over your head is heavily padded too.

I have to say though, they seem to squeeze your hair a little bit tight, but that could just be that they sort of have to be broken in a little bit. Only time will tell.

As for the noise-canceling aspect, it's the best I've ever heard. Lots of times noise-canceling tends to just pump a bunch of white noise into your ears instead of the outside world. This literally gets rid of it. Unfortunately, for some reason, after longer periods of time I seem to have this sort of headache sort of feeling from this. Not sure if that's from them being tight, or the noise-canceling or a combination of the two. It's not painful or anything, just is a bit of an odd feeling.

My last qualm is that you can't play music through the headphones without turning on the battery-powered noise-canceling. I have no idea how long one battery (AAA) will last you, but it certainly means that you'll always have to have an extra on you somewhere just in case, because as soon as you lose power, you lose all audio.

Overall though, the sound quality is incredible. You can hear ever track, every note, highs, lows, and mid-range. It's something that when you close your eyes, you just become immersed in your little audio world, something I always really loved about headphones. I've been listening to Swedish House Mafia's Greyhound song on repeat, and it sounds AWESOME.

And so the final verdict? If you've got 300 bucks lying around and want to thoroughly enhance your listening experience, I say go for it. Also very handy for trains and planes, even if you just want to drown some noise out and not listen to anything. Might be worth checking out other things as always just to see if you prefer something else, but I really am enjoying these so far.

Since I'm a music addict, had to include the song (video is also WILD too):

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