Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Unexpected .

Today in the post I received a parcel from a dear friend of mine, Angie, author of The Best Part of My Day. Though we've never met, over the two years or so I've been writing this blog Angie has become a dear friend of mine and I really enjoy the time she takes out of her life to just be a friend. It really is a testament to the fact that we don't just read the stories from each others' lives here on Blogspot, but we become involved in it, a part of it. Angie and I have exchanged snail mail before and to receive a gift and a Christmas card from her this year was truly awesome.

I've decided to the save the gift for Christmas Day, as I feel that's most appropriate.. but Angie, know that my appreciation runs deep, and I can't wait for the day when I get a tour of Toronto from my favourite (note the spelling!) local!

May your holiday season progress wonderfully and create some amazing memories. This one goes out to you!


  1. Hooray!!!! It arrived! Thanks for this, Greg. Really. I'm so glad you arrived home safely after your long drive. I know how much you enjoy being home with family. I so look forward to connecting more in 2013 and hopefully planning our meeting. Enjoy every relaxing moment & I hope Santa is good to you and yours.

    1. Yes it all went smoothly without any problems thankfully! Thank you for the well wishes and know that I'm hoping for the same for you! To have a happy and safe holiday!


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