Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Eve of Christmas .

It's the night before Christmas (though as I write this it's actually, technically Christmas, but that's okay) and some traditions that go on in this household will never change. I figured it might be nice to share a little bit with you all of what we do here in this little ranch in New Jersey. Mom woke up early and made us a special breakfast (french toast, as per the norm) and made sure that we all had a nice start to their morning.

I took the wonderful opportunity of having a break to do absolutely nothing during the day and decided I was just going to completely blow it in its entirety! And so I rotated between Need For Speed Most Wanted on PS2, a few games on my computer (including one that is Sim-City-esque that I have quickly become addicted to) and other things. We had a nice dinner of pork chops and rice with biscuits and more, and eventually got all decked out and dapper to head to Christmas Eve mass.

Over the years, we've all decided that it's just so much easier to go to mass the night before rather than have to drag people out of bed (pretty much literally) for Christmas Day mass.

Tonight we've all sat down around the Christmas tree with some eggnog and bourban (or in my case, Bailey's on the rocks) and just hung out and chatted and watched some old Christmas movies.

Here's to hoping you all have a wonderful holiday, a Merry Christmas, and a great day in general tomorrow!


  1. Merry Christmas, Greg! I too enjoyed mass last night. So lovely. It's the end of another Christmas. It goes by so quickly....hope you and yours are enjoying some quality time together.

    1. Thanks very much Angie, your chocolates were absolutely delicious! Look forward to more communication in the upcoming year! Hope you had a Merry Christmas yourself :)


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