Saturday, February 16, 2013

Musical Taste .

While in the car driving to Raleigh, someone commented that all of my music was very chill. [Context: the drive is about 5 hours, and naturally with my addiction to music I played stuff on my iPod for pretty much the whole way there and back] It was nice to hear that, as I'm assuming that 'chill' is a good thing. I explained that well, it's not always chill but I felt that that sort of style would be the most agreeable among all the passengers of the van. I also put the fade entirely in the front of the car in case some people didn't want to listen to anything. I tried to be considerate and really not disturb anyone.

But getting back to the music. How weird is it that you can really like one thing and not like another? Some people really dig some songs, or particular styles, and others detest it. And yet in some ways I feel like we are like snowflakes -- no two of us are the same, and likes and dislikes are all about the characteristics that make us unique.

The other thing is that I really like playing stuff that people might not normally listen to. Even if they don't care, or they fall asleep in the car, or put in their own music, sometimes they ask who the artist is or the song and it's cool to hear that. I was really diggin' the soft stuff today, and at lunch I made a playlist, including: Electric President, Radical Face, Alexi Murdoch, Bon Iver, Paper Route, Iron & Wine and others. It was bliss, listening to that on the way home. Just soothing and relaxing. Made the giant snowstorm we went through that much easier for me as designated "soccer mom" of the van!

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