Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pitcha-Snappin' .

My friend Andrew recently let me borrow his super like Nikon camera for my trip to North Carolina. This shit is the real deal. You look through the lens to snap photos, not on a screen. You can adjust just about anything you can think up (though I just left the thing on Auto because I'm a noob and a half when it comes to that stuff) and the lens... oh my goodness the lens. You could be forever away, and zoom in on someone's face and see all the details! Wild. It makes me really want one...

But let's be real; when it comes to that, who honestly has a spare couple grand lying around for a camera? I like photography and I think I have a pretty good eye for good composition and taking the photographic opportunities when they present themselves. I suppose I'll just have to add it to the ever-growing wish list.

For those of you that have those super nice cameras, what is your position on them? (This is also kinda specifically directed at Sarah, because you just got yours recently.) Was all that money worth it? Do you find yourself taking more pictures than usual? Is it always fun and cool to learn new things? I'd consider spending the money, but would just want to make sure it was worth my while. After all, the thing sure does get awful heavy hanging around your neck all day.

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