Monday, February 4, 2013

Water Rising .

Of recent, the Clemson area has entered what we call, the "monsoon" season. This is the time when it rains pretty often, and when it rains, it pours endlessly all day. We're talking sheets of rain, gusts of wind, tornado watches, flooding, and all of those other fun things that come with crazy weather. However, there is a great benefit to all the rain and water. The lake in our backyard has risen considerably! As the winter progressed we became more worried about the fact that we might not have water left in our little corner of the lake when the warmer months arrived. But with all the rain recently, we will hopefully still have plenty of great times out on the boat, some opportunities to water ski and wakeboard, and all of that fun stuff. Here's to the rain! Cheers!


  1. Stay safe!!! And have fun skiing and wakeboarding! That sounds pretty dang fun to me!

  2. Always finding a silver lining :)

    You're good peoples Greg.


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