Saturday, July 6, 2013

Parachute .

In my sophomore year at Clemson I dated a girl who at one point made me a list of her ten favorite songs at my request. I later covered and recorded them all for her, putting them together on a CD and mailing her the CD for Christmas, even though we had stopped dating by that point. One of the artists on that list was Parachute, and I can't remember exactly which song it was but I remember thinking that it was a good one.

Weeks ago, as I was putting together the dance floor at work, I had the XM radio playing and a song was playing, so I wrote down a few pieces of the lyrics as a note in my phone. I just got around to looking them up today, and I now remember why it touched me so much that I had to write them down.

The song is called "Kiss Me Slowly" by Parachute.

One particular piece that I like especially is this set of lines:

Don't run away...
And it's hard to love again,
When the only way it's been,
When the only love you knew,
Just walked away...
If it's something that you want,
Darling you don't have to run,
You don't have to go...

Love inspires so many songs. Think about how many beautiful words have been written about relationships, heartbreaks, losing someone who means a lot to you in your life. I don't think Dashboard Confessional would even exist without that, or Taylor Swift or countless others. But it's good to get it out. Music is therapy. Music saves lives. And sometimes that's the only medium that we can get our emotions out, in hopes that we will feel better afterwards. I like how much people really put into their music; how they pour out their heart and soul, and you can just hear that in the music.

I mean, that's usually how I write when I write songs too. I don't know if it comes off that way, but I know the meanings behind stuff; sometimes it's direct and other times it beats around the bush a bit. Whatever happens though, it's stuff I'm proud of. I'd love to cover this song sometime, it's a fun one to sing. Enjoy the tune!


  1. Sometimes, music serves as a soundtrack to my life, the lyrics simply implying what i have difficulty saying... What a beautiful thing, don't you think?

  2. think about the time we're living now, music is the modern form of magic.

    1. i LOVE that! "music is the modern form of magic"


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