Friday, July 26, 2013

The Words No One Wants to Hear: Unemployment

In the economy as of late, money seems to be a problem that plagues the lives of just about everyone across the country, maybe even across the world. And while the stock market and perhaps the government would have us believe that things are getting better, an article I saw today speaks otherwise. Unemployment continues to grow. The "fixes" that we have implemented may produce fake advances in the economy, and are more often than not temporary solutions to problems that, in my opinion, will continue to grow.

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With two more years of school ahead of me, I consider myself lucky in that I have a few more years to gain some new connections and begin to search out a permanent (or at least semi-permanent) place to work once I graduate. At the same time, I am not exactly thrilled that I will be accumulating more debt for my education. But what is one to do? If the job market is bad, do as many in the past have done; go to school and get more education, and hope that by the time you're done with school, the economy will be doing a little better.

With potentially catastrophic economic problems looming on the horizon, it's far too easy to just sweep the terrible thoughts and horror stories under the rug and pretend that we'll be able to deal with them another day. I'm not sure if a day will come within the near future where I feel completely calm about the future. We're all here trying to make a life, a career, settle down into something good.

It seems that in the coming years, according to this article, life will only get harder. As the saying goes, sometimes it's gotta get worse before it gets better. But where will rock bottom be? Only time will tell. Maybe in the end we'll all have to abandon some dreams and adopt new ones.

It's really hard to look at the future and stay positive. There are so many what-ifs. What if I graduate and can't get a job. What if I can't find a job within my career path. What if all that college tuition and time spent in education is wasted?

I guess in the end what the difference is now is to really put the pressure on myself to hold myself to a standard of excellence. Keep motivated, stay focused, don't give up. Every little ounce I can get myself ahead of the competition, I have to. Competitions, side projects, architectural networking, connections with my professors. If I really want to accomplish the things in life that I don't want to give up, it's what I have to do. Day one.

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  1. It's good to have an early start as the competition and pressure are getting harder. I started to work on my 2nd year in college. it made me worked way harder to balance college assignment and work, but it's worth it.

    you'll do great!


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