Friday, July 5, 2013

Slipping Through the Cracks .

I have let a lot of things fall by the wayside lately; among them, blogging. It feels like I have been so busy, and I don't know how you people do it! Life, I mean. I used to love summer and all it had to offer; the promise of fun times, the wonder of endless possibilities; it carried a sort of luminescence like that of a planet that was just in the right place at the right time that you might be able to see it with the naked eye among the stars. And yet I have letters I need to respond to and write, blogs to catch up on, a closet to clean out, a workout routine to keep up with, a few more songs to learn for for the band, and a second job to keep up with too. Too much on my plate? Maybe. It's starting to wear me out. Somehow, it almost seems like the school year was less busy than my summer! Not sure how that is even possible!

I recently told a close friend to not be afraid to take a break once in awhile. And I mean, I'm pretty sure I've been following my own advice, as I watch my fair share of Netflix shows and whatever else. It almost seems, though, like that sort of thing is such a waste of my time. TV shows, movies, Playstation and the like. What a waste. I enjoy them -- and yet feel so unproductive watching that stuff. Often I'll end up trying to multi-task. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It's just so hard to come home from work and dive right into more things that I feel that I need to it. It's like I need a break.

However, I did tell myself, that perhaps once I finish out The Office (I'm towards the end of Season 8 I think) that I'll use the time I spent doing that so often watching YouTube videos about Revit, and trying to at least start learning that. I've pretty much spent no time updating my architecture blog, nor reading ArchDaily emails (literally have 43 unopened emails with about 20 or so projects each that I've been meaning to look at). I've had four tabs open on my browser of jobs I've been wanting to send material to for a few weeks now. And professional social media? Forget it; who has time for it!?

That damn sand in the hourglass just keeps slipping away. Although now it feels like it's slipping right out of the hourglass itself and through the cracks. For those of you who consider yourselves masters of time management (honestly, do those people even really exist of are they just a mythical rarity like a unicorn?) I am extremely jealous. While I do think I've exceeded even my own expectations of time management, sometimes it's not in the cards and I end up blowing the day.

And on that note, I'm watching The Office, showering, and going to bed. Exhausted again.


  1. i agree with you. when i'm working in one film production, i used to be so drawn in the work that i feel like i don't have time to do anything else. coming home all exhausted and go to bed was the only plan. but i've learned to take in time in between the full plate thing. like force my self to go out for dinner with friends even though my eyes say no. and i think it's worth it. ti enjoy the time outside work, during work.

    1. Definitely agree. Your wisdom speaks for itself and I love all the thoughts you bring to the table when you comment!

  2. You sound way too busy. You need some space. Nixing off the tv would really fre up a lot but then you wouldn't get that rest period you need so badly. Do you ever go to coffeeshops? Read your digests there. I used to put reading as my last task on the list and I missed out on cool work projects. Reading is good!! Maybe sit down to make a schedule for yourself. Every half hour what will you do? Plan ahead and you might get the life you wish to have.

  3. I don't look at TV shows, movies, etc. as a waste. Just my opinion. In life we work hard, study, etc and if we can't enjoy some entertainment then what's the point of anything? Life's to short not to enjoy yourself bro. I think the key is finding a balance.


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