Sunday, July 28, 2013

When No One Else Is Looking .

Judging a person's character is not always easy to do. Sometimes it takes a long time and you really need to spend a long time getting to know someone in order to actually get a bearing on what they're all about. Some are more up front about the type of person they are, but who knows if they are just saying all this? You see, good person or not, true humility is not about doing good deeds specifically to be noticed. Good deeds are good deeds, true values exist regardless of whose eyes are upon you.

And I think that is where the difference quite clearly lays. In order to prove this point, you may have to be a little creepy. Because the people with the purest and truest hearts are those who are inherently good people, always helping and consoling and offering their love to others, when no one is even looking. In a society so often immersed with performance-based rewards, we sometimes think that we should always be recognized and congratulated on our efforts towards a good deed.

Instead, you should try to make them less noticeable. You may not get a medal, you may not get a pat on the back, you may be the only one in the whole universe who actually knows. But whoever you went out of your way to help, whoever you affected by your actions, they will remember it for the rest of their lives.

Having complete and total humility is one of my biggest goals in life. To be able to honestly want to offer myself where I am needed, to whomever is in need of a prayer. I think that I don't really do that enough. I do try to reach out, and the few who I think I have touched have really been so appreciative.

Having been on the receiving end of that, it's such an awesome feeling. To know that people out there truly give a shit. That they truly want to be there for you no matter how long it's been since you last chatted, to get your back, to help you back up off the ground, and all of the other wonderful things friends do. Sometimes they come out of the woodwork just in the nick of time. But even more amazing? Those who are strangers. The person who stops on the side of the road when your car breaks down. The person who helps put groceries in your car. There are some truly amazing people out there.

Keep your eyes and ears open today. Stop the busy highway of thoughts running through your brain of things you need to do, food you need to buy, and errands you need to run, and just watch the people around you. See if you can spot these secret little knights in shining armor, doing their great work in the shadows, without anyone else even noticing.


  1. something like this that makes you ask your self whether you're a good person or not. and then, are you good enough? great thought Greg!

  2. I am a horrible judge of character. I love everyone and see only the good in each person I encounter. This got me into BIG trouble on the psych ward let me tell you!!


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