Sunday, July 21, 2013

Memories & Dust

I spent the majority of yesterday listening to one specific pandora station and writing down the songs that I enjoyed from it. Every once in awhile I'll come across a station that just seems absolutely perfect. The songs carry your moods like the moon carries the waves gently to the shore, and come the chorus, your heart takes flight. One such song was a tune by Josh Pyke called Memories & Dust. It's definitely worth the time if you've got a minute. 

Often I wish that I had the money and the time to get in my car and just drive. It doesn't matter where I go or if I even have a destination. Sometimes the best part about being in the car is just moving, feeling like you are on the road to some heavenly place that never really comes into reach. Is perfection unattainable or do Utopias exist? I think that the answer is simple -- we find the most perfect places on our mind and thoughts. The special places that only we can access, the special places that only we have the key to, that is not simply hidden in the back of the sock drawer, but rather in a mental safe, miles behind the densest metals, password protected in every way imaginable. And should anyone ever have the privilege to access this space, may God bless their soup because they have been given a true gift. 

And thus we come to the title of this post. Memories & dust. From dust we came, and to dust we shall return. But our memories live on. And our memories are eternal, and while all other things around us may seem like they are crumbling, the memories remain steadfast.

Many are often quick to remind friends who are struggling to not live in the past. But to forget memories is to lose a part of ourselves, to allow them to become the very dust which we are to return to one day. Instead may we cherish the memories, embrace them; good bad and ugly. May we learn from our mistakes and soar through our successes. May our frustrations and shortcomings challenge us to be better, act better, and live life abundantly. I love that phrase: live life abundantly. I first heard it in the movie Seven Pounds starring Will Smith and I've embraced it as a virtue, a reminder to not wallow or despair, to not mope or allow negativity to pollute the mind. It's not always easy. In fact it probably never is. But it's a new beginning. An attempted fresh start.

Today, allow yourself some time to relive your memories. Feel elation from your triumphs, and feel pain from your despairs. But no matter what do not allow yourself to bury any of your memories! They are the quilt that wraps us and protects us from the cold night. And they will always, always, be solely yours. 

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  1. you know what i often think? i thought i fear death the most. but later i knew for sure, i fear to lost my memory the most. isn't that what makes us who we are? carry our legacy after we're gone? i can't imagine how it feels to suffer memory lost or simply, forgotten.


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