Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shooting Stars .

Until a few nights ago, I had never seen a shooting star. At least not that I remember... I do occasionally hear about some astrological anomaly and try to get in on the action of seeing it, but there's always clouds or something that screws it up. I am pretty sure I've seen Jupiter or Venus before with the naked eye though (I know those two are wildly different...).

However, I finally saw a shooting star. Two, to be exact. It's quite possible that I saw them before and never knew what they were. Because after all, they sort of seem to fall instead of "shoot" across the sky. But for that short blip where purple fire seems to shoot across the sky, that is when the magic happens. Real magic. The sort of stuff that will always sort of blow your mind, will always take you by surprise, and will always put a smile on your face.

I might never see another shooting star in my life. But in that moment, it was perfect. It made a perfect night out looking up at the sky even more perfect. The clouds parted, the stars began to shine, and I walked back to my car with sand between my toes. Now that is what summer is all about.


  1. It is a great momemt. Did you make a wish?

  2. Amazing summer memory. Especially the sand beneath the toes bit. It reminds me of going to Kangaroo island in southern australia. We went to the dunes to watch the sun rise and it felt like the world was saying Hello!

  3. i was laying on the rocks at midnight, overlooking cathedral ledge in the white mountains of NH... the sky was that dark navy blue hue and was glittered with a million tiny stars. i had to have seen about 20 of them that night. that was the first time i ever witnessed a shooting star and i dont think i could ever forget that night.

  4. i think i've seen it once when i was little. it's just wonderful to witness any anomaly of the nature. i witnessed a solar eclipse once, and i think it was Venus that i saw in one morning

    1. That is beyond cool. I don't think I've ever seen a solar eclipse!


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